Leaving Certificate German in the Austrian Alps

  • The Fosseman Programme is a German language and activity course in the Austrian Alps offered exclusively to students taking German in the Irish Leaving Certificate exam.
  • Fosseman aspires to immersion in a native-speaking environment in which students are motivated to learn and use the language through a combination of classroom instruction, alpine sports and visits to locations of historical and cultural interest.
  •  In addition to revising and improving grammar, students put their oral and comprehension skills into practice in live, everyday situations such as reading menus and ordering meals, understanding timetables and maps, shopping, reading local newspapers, watching/listening to news programmes, writing queries and applications, conversing with local people and participating in sporting activities and games.


  Urgtal, Fiss                                                                       Rafting in the Inn valley

The programme is built on three components: language instruction, alpine summer sports and Germanic culture.


Language: Classroom Instruction

Based on the Leaving Certificate syllabus, the language instruction component is comprised of ten units of three hours respectively given by qualified native German-speaking teachers. Students will be tested upon arrival and will receive appropriate attention depending on their strengths. The language instruction covers:


- Oral skills

- Grammar

- Reading comprehension

- Listening comprehension

- Writing skills.


An additional element is the participation in afternoon language assignments involving active use of the language in gathering, structuring, articulating and reporting information based on real-life situations.


Alpine Summer Sports

Offered in co-operation with the local alpine mountaineering school, this is a unique opportunity to experience the challenges and unspoiled natural beauty of the Austrian Alps at close hand with experienced certified mountain guides. This component of the programme combines acquiring basic hiking, climbing and rafting skills with learning about glaciation, mountain weather and safety, flora and fauna through German in some of Europe's most spectacular mountain scenery. The highlight of this component is a glacier tour on the ice in the Ötztaler Alps. Elements of the glaciation and weather modules of the Leaving Certificate geography syllabus have been incorporated to maximize the learning benefit of this component. Students will be briefed in the vocabulary required in advance.



 Gepatsch glacier, Kaunertal


Excursions to places of historical and cultural significance with the aim of nurturing an interest in Germanic culture and history. Our destinations include the beautiful villages of Graun, famous for the sunken spire, and Glurns in German-speaking northern Italy, the Tyrolean capital of Innsbruck, the Museum of Alpine Farm Life in the Ötz valley and other locations that provide an insight into Germanic culture and traditions.

Graun, Reschensee